Johore BJJ

We are Johore BJJ, part of the BJJ Globetrotters international network

You will meet a really great group of people at Johore BJJ. Everybody is warm and friendly. Egos are left at the door. It feels like a group of friends who treat their training seriously while still managing to enjoy themselves.

Johore BJJ will provide you a great sense of accomplishment in a wide range of life enhancing ways. You will gain the confidence that anything can be conquered, either by a counter action or by going with that motion. At Johore BJJ, we strive to give to others the same benefits that the study of BJJ has provided to us. Students learn the Johore BJJ training methods from world class instructors.

We teach not only the physical aspects of BJJ, but the accompanying attitude, discipline, and respect that is needed to achieve the true benefits. We have programs for those who want to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. For students new to martial arts the Fundamentals Program is for you.


Our vision is to offer accessible and world-class training to people of all ages, sizes, genders, and backgrounds in BJJ. We serve not only athletes, but anybody looking to learn new skills, get in shape, have fun, and join our community.


  • First and foremost, we are dedicated to meeting our existing members’ needs.
  • We strive to stay current and relevant in our instruction and class offerings.
  • We insist on maintaining a clean, safe and constructive environment at all times.
  • We empower our members to reach their potential (and help them enjoy doing it).


The purpose of the Gentle Art Jiu Jitsu is to promote Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Johore by educating the general public and BJJ students about the various benefits of BJJ. BJJ can be more than a combat sport or a martial art. It is a way of life for many people who practice it. This site allows the learning to continue off the mat, providing a reference tool for students and coaches to gain a more complete understanding of the richness of BJJ.


Gentle Art Jiu Jitsu accepts submissions of material for publication. If you have artwork, articles, suggestions, or other information that you would like to share, please visit our contribute page.


If you would like to help our mission to promote BJJ in Johore please consider giving a little help. Learn more about how you can Support Johore BJJ and encourage further development.


The club is also accepting offers for sponsorship of our athletes to help them towards their competitions and help offset their associated training and travel costs.

Your sponsorship can be done as an anonymous donation, or, could include a request for advertisements of your company, brand, product or cause. The ads can be featured within the training facilities prominently during classes, at any special events like tournaments or seminars that we participate in, or on our website (depending on the level of sponsorship). Contact us to setup a sponsorship or find out how you can donate to the club to help us keep running.

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