How to Become a Supporter of Gentle Art Jiu Jitsu?

If you have any BJJ related material that you would like to contribute or you would like to become a guest writer, please visit our contribute page. With visitor support the site can continue to grow with more dynamic content, contributing writers for more news, interviews and articles, and online tournament and technique videos.

Your contribution will keep the information flowing, and the high-profile GAJJ online. Giving back to society is one of the tenets of BJJ, and there is no more important or effective way to promote BJJ in Johore than by contributing to GAJJ. You decide how much you can give — even small amounts help.

BJJ is a wonderful and profound activity that has changed many lives. Your participation in BJJ is vital, as much online as on the mats. Bringing the benefits of BJJ to the public’s attention, while providing a valuable reference for students and teachers, is what GAJJ Site is all about. Thank you for your interest in helping to promote BJJ in Johore.

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