Join our Johore BJJ Club

If you are interested in mastering a new form of martial arts or acquiring another set of self-defense skills, join our Johore BJJ club for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

BJJ is a martial art, combat sport, and a self defense system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting.


Educity Stadium & Sports Complex Educity, Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia.

Current training times
Wednesday 7:00–8:00 (Open Mat) 8:00-10:00 (No-Gi session)
Friday 8:00–10:00 (Gi session)

MYR 30.00 / month
First session is free!

Head Instructor

Dr. Reehan Sabri, a consultant psychiatrist from the UK who now works as Clinical Associate Professor at NUMed considers himself more a “facilitator” than an instructor. We consider the high-ranking members of BJJ Globetrotters our instructors. Dr. Reehan got his blue belt under Roger Brooking of Alliance and is presently a purple belt which was awarded by Micah Atkinson, a South African black belt under Luiz Claudio, a Rickson Gracie black belt.

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