Tuesday, 9th June 2015, after three month of training, I received my first stripe. Which was a shock since I still can’t submit any of the guys. even if I tried, I couldn’t because of my poor technique.

This remind me of my shotokan days, where I manage to arm bar Afdal while we were practicing our ground game. I think I manage to do it because I wasn’t thinking at all, I just follow my instinct. Right now I am thinking too much of my position and technique, that’s the reason I move so slow.

The other day, I managed to choke Azrin after transitioning from berimbolo. He managed to hold on and escape. Which is still a mystery to me. I think Nawi had it recorded. Maybe I can playback the video and study it later. Since this attempt, Azrin wouldn’t give me a chance to do berimbolo on him. I think I should try another move.

For tonight sparring I attempt the north south neck choke to Zhi and Sim. But it also didn’t work. I ask kenneth to teach me the proper technique after class. He told me I was lazy. I didn’t sprawl enough. Hmmmm?!.

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