Oh my gosh, I haven’t written anything in WordPress like for ages, and as you know I started BJJ recently, and this is one of the reason I started to blog again. I know I don’t blog much these past few years, that’s because there’s nothing interesting for me to share. My life was dull, I don’t do much. I just stay at home and do nothing–But now I have something I’m passionate about, so it is time for me to change my miserable life. Oh yeah, and start writing again.

New UI

So my first move is to change my butt ugly template into something minimal and clean. By the way, I’m the type of person that is easily attracted to something pretty. No, I’m talking about User Interface (UI). Before this I was using a butt ugly WordPress template, and my motivation to write was down ocean deep because of my ugly looking bitch template. So I changed to Medium, Medium was so minimal and modern. I was attracted to it and start blogging with Medium. But then I was doing a web project and my client was looking for a particular theme for his WordPress, as I was browsing all the free template I stumble upon the Resonar theme. I have to admit I love the design. It gave me the same feeling of minimal and clean design offered by Medium. I also am impress with WordPress, they have quite a number of beautiful free template now.

New Name

Second, change my blog name to Gentle Art Jiu Jitsu. So from now on all my personal post will be private, I still write them, only that it won’t be public, because I will start a niche blog from now on. I have to admit, writing a niche blog is harder then writing a personal blog. But I will try my best.

New Logo & Favicon

JB-BJJThird, designed a new logo for my blog and change wordpress default favicon. The color orange and purple was inspired from Kazushi Sakuraba scramble rash guard.

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